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Who is Elias Halder?

Like everyone else, I’ve always wished to be financially independent and have time freedom. However, I’ve quickly realized that it’s impossible to make money without investing money.



 I’ve started working for a car wash company and I’ve worked hard to reach the manager position which I’ve achieved. Within 1,5 years I have saved up over $35,000 and was thinking that I need to take action immediately as I didn’t want to get trapped into the 9-5 forever.


the hustle:

Throughout the years I’ve invested all my money and have worked 18 hours per day and have worked and slept in my office to go through all trial and error until I have fully mastered Amazon FBA. I’ve generated over 7-figures online and I did all of that from the comfort of my home.



I’ve hired my brother, so, he has a respectable job and ensured that the rest of my entire family doesn’t have to work anymore. I’m enjoying time and financial freedom and made it my mission to help others to reach the same through Amazon FBA.

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More than 140,000+ sellers are making more than 6-Figures in Sales Revenue Per Year (From ABSOLUTE Beginners!)

Source: Amazon Shareholder Letter

This is the Los Angeles Staples Center filled with 20,000 people. Now, imagine this gigantic crowd and multiply it by 7 and that’s the amount of people that are successful with Amazon FBA.

About Our Team

We have partnered up with the highest-performing Amazon experts from the US, UK, Australia, Canada & Europe. We have built the most successful stores for over 100+ partners and have helped them achieve time and financial freedom.