Make content about money making opportunities- review them and show and emphasize why HalderCoin is the better pick. Examples would be: Network Marketing Companies, Money Making Products (digital products coaching or teaching how to make money online), generally any money making opportunities like: dropshipping, amazon fba/fbm, affiliate marketing, crypto trading coaches, crypto trading courses, bitcoin courses, stock trading courses, forex courses, sports betting, gambling, gold investment, real estate investment, pokemon cards investment, watch investment, crypto signals, stock signals, forex signals, trading signals, These are some examples that you should use first before you start reviewing other things. Go on YouTube & Google and search for each of these keywords. Each keyword gives you 100s of good products/services/opportunities/… that you should review to get high traffic loads.

Reviews Pro Tip:

Works perfect for YouTube & written articles (article should be 3000 words long for best results) Create “Reviews” like explained before but with an extra twist. Search for products that have been released just recently OR preferably are about to release. Why? Because there is little to no competition about this topic. You will be among the first reviews and therefore get most traffic. When you are one of the first then you will get your video ranked higher on searches. Sites to find products that are about to launch or aren’t big yet: (lets you find products/services that are mostly still new or aren’t well known yet. Attention: One out of 15 products/services on appsumo is from a bigger company – this one known product/service most likely already has other reviews from others but you can still try your luck and create a review about it as well) (lets you find products/services that are about to launch) (lets you find products/services that are about to launch)

The title of your content would be: (product/service name) : Is it worth it? (product/service name) : Should you join? (product/service name) : Watch before buying! (product/service name) : What you need to know

Objection Handling Content(OHC) Create content that point out why HalderCoin is THE solution that is THE OPPOSITE OF THEIR OBJECTIONS. Example (Common Objections): 1. It’s too late to get started 2. I will lose money 3. It’s a scam 4. What if i do it wrong/i dont know what to do 5. i have no time for trading 6. i dont have enough investment 7. its too risky 8. its too complicated 9. i dont know anything about the stock market/ i dont know how to research the market.

Top 3/5/10 Content Create content in which you point out different picks and show HalderCoin as the number one pick. Example: Top 10 Network Marketing Companies, Top 3 Forex Courses, Top 5 Stock Trading Courses, Top 5 Crypto Courses, Top 5 Crypto Opportunities, Top 5 Money Making Methods How To Make Money Content Create content that points out how to earn money. Example: Create content in which you explain how to earn money with HalderCoin and why it’s the best way to earn money.

Results/Testimonials of Others/Your Testimonial Create content with the results and testimonials of others or yourself. Example: Jimmy posted a screenshot about him having made $5,000 with HalderCoin yesterday. So, you post his results/testimonial and PREFERABLY (to get the best results) you make a short video talking about taking action and show “Jimmy’s” results to show whats possible) These videos can be short but its an effective way to gain trust even when these arent your own results and testimonials. Video Example Script: “Jimmy made $5,000 yesterday! HalderCoin makes it possible and I am super proud of Jimmy for just taking action. We all might have doubts or are hesitant when it comes to taking a great step but HalderCoin has been a true gamechanger to all of us. Click the link in my BIO and start getting results like Jimmy.” Reels on IG & TikTok Create reels on instagram and tiktok. You might be surprised by it but many business owners swear on reels as they generate free traffic in the fastest way. We strongly recommend you to use reels for growing your reach. Example: Search on IGReels and TikTok for “business” or “forex” or “network marketing” or “trading” or “stocks” or “crypto” or “bitcoin” or “investment” or “sport betting” or “options trading” or “finance” or “marketing” 1. Pick one of these keywords and search for them 2. Now when you have search for example for “business” then you will find reels of “business” – check out the results and see what others are posting. Which reels got most engagement? 3. Now recreate these contents + add “Click link in bio” at the end of all your created reels to attract traffic to your haldercoin link.

Relevant News

Create videos and posts about the latest news. 1. Check the news on these topics: “business” or “forex” or “network marketing” or “trading” or “stocks” or “crypto” or “bitcoin” or “investment” or “sport betting” or “options trading” or “finance” or “marketing” 2. Create post or (preferably) videos where you report about these news and say and add “click link in bio” at the end of the video This keeps your audience educated about the newest movements in the markets and they will value your efforts and traffic is guided to your haldercoin link.

Motivational Videos Create videos that motivate and move people into taking action. Example: Go to youtube type in motivational speeches and inspire yourself and then make motivational posts and videos Market Movements Create quick stories to report about “crypto movements” or “ option movements” or “stock movements” or “forex movements” and at the end say and add a sticker “did you profit off this? profit now (click link in bio)”