Content Ideas Overview:


⁃ Reviews ⁃ Objection Handling Content(OHC)

⁃ Top 3/5/10 Content

⁃ How To Make Money Content

⁃ Results/Testimonials of Others/Your Testimonial ⁃ Reels on IG & TikTok ⁃ Relevant News

⁃ Motivational Videos

⁃ Market Movements


Content Strategy

• Post “Reels on IG & TikTok” every day to grow as quick as possible. (Takes 10-15min only but can reach thousand of potential clients)

• Post “Relevant News” & “Market Movements” as fast as possible so it’s relevant to your audience

• Post “Motivational Videos” when you feel motivated and inspired

• Post “Results/Testimonials of Others/Your Testimonial” at the 2nd half of the week as that’s the time where people are most motivated to take action and take time for change.

• Post “Reviews” videos and content every 2-3 days – it’s ideal if you post 3 reviews videos per week to generate lots of traffic to your HalderCoin link

• Post other content ideas to keep your contents diversified