How to get potential clients Content:


Create content and upload it to all social media including IgTV, IG Reels, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Write a blog post article don haldercoin, and any other platforms.


Create one content every day and upload it to all social media channels to reach absolute exposure and get as many potential clients to your sales page as possible.


Groups & Communities:

Post your contents into LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, Discord Groups, Instagram Groups, WhatsApp Groups or any other groups and any type of online communities.


Important: DO NOT share a video on groups & communities if it directly advertises haldercoin in that video. Why? Because first we need to establish trust with valuable videos (see ideas in “Content Ideas”-module.


Instagram Shoutouts: Buy Instagram Shoutouts from themepages to your instagram


Instagram Comments:

Comment below new posts of authorities in specific markets. 1. Pick a market. For example: Gold investments, forex invetsments, …, 2. Follow the authorities and big players of this market 3. activate notifications for new posts from that big player 4. make a valuable comment right when they have uploaded something

Go Live: Go live on Instagram, Clubhouse, Facebook and YouTube or any other good platform that has potential clients and create live streams. The content idea module helps you to understand what content you could cover in these live streams. Reddit: Post your contents into reddits to get more traffic to your haldercoin link.