Top Procrastination/Problems



1. It’s too late to get started

2. I will lose money

3. It’s a scam

4. What if i do it wrong/i dont know what to do

5. i have no time for trading

6. i dont have enough investment

7. its too risky

8. its too complicated

9. i dont know anything about the stock market/ i dont know how to research the market

Network Marketing:

1. i dont like to sell

2. i dont have time

3. i know someone who lost money with another business

4. if you have success with it i will join

5. i dont think i would succeed with it

6. its too expensive

7. i already work – i dont want to work extra

8. i dont want to talk to people

9. i dont have the money

10. i am happy with my life

11. sounds to good to he true

12. this is a pyramid scheme

13. i have to think about it

14. you just want my money




1. Successful crypto traders are successful because they follow signals instead of trends. They aren’t successful because they have been among the first people getting crypto but they know it’s a continuous process and an evergreen money making opportunity. It’s all about having the right signals and that’s why we have expert analysts that filter out big trades and warn us from bad trades. Instead of guessing and randomly failing trades – our partners get the signals successful traders are following together with a step-by-step action plan to hit continuous profits.


2. Unsuccessful traders lose money but can you afford doing the same mistakes? Trades turn unprofitable when people don’t understand how the market is changing and how to adapt yo these changes in time. You need to adapt quickly but that doesn’t mean you need to watch the market 24/7. All you need are signals that have been checked by expert analysts to allow you making trades to profit within minutes.


3. Successful people call it the best opportunity to become rich while unsuccessful people try to find reasons to call crypto and trading it a scam. Is it all a scam? It is definitely not a way for everyone to get rich. When someone is winning a trade then someone else has lost a trade. There is always two sides to everything. It is not a scam at all. Crypto trading can generate quick and huge profits but it can also lead to loss. Crypto trading pros make sure they are on the winning side by following our trading signals which are telling them where and when to invest.


4. Loser complain and say “I don’t know what to do” but those that are already destined to win aren’t asking questions and complain. Winners follow other winners, learn from their leader’s mistakes to skip trial and error for themselves and take the right steps by doing exactly what’s making their leader’s so successful. Nobody can be a master in everything as it takes years of practice (10,000 hours) to really master something. That’s why we have hired expert traders that analyze the market for us! So, we can skip the failure and confusing part and get started right away with doing exciting trades together with the expert trader’s personal recommendations.


5. You make your next loss when you are coming up with an excuse like “i don’t have time for trading” because you are actually wasting your time right NOW. If you want to succeed then the fastest and easiest way to it is to have someone guiding you, explaining your next steps and giving you trading signals from pros, so, you can trade like them. If you don’t have that in place then it might take lots of time and trial and error to succeed with trading but who said that you need to struggle and waste time when there is already a new way of trading. Follow the pros and let them analyze the market for you and simply explain every step to save yourself lots of time and make trading a thing of minutes instead of a 24/7 job.


6. Would you tell me that you have no money when it would be guaranteed that you would triple your money? Right, you wouldn’t come up with excuses because you would want that money as quick as possible, right? Now, if you want to succeed with trading then follow our expert traders that are succeeding with almost every trade they do. They have gone through countless years of trial and error to get to their current position. You can skip that by following their personal recommendations. They have gone through year of failure before they started to hit one successful trade after another. Learn how to trade completely by yourself or simply follow their trades.


7. If you trade by yourself without a pro trader’s advice you are putting yourself into total risk. Trading is getting harder day by day as there are so many people explaining how to get started and they seem legit but do they really expose their best-kept secrets or are they giving away the knowledge that they can afford to give away? Be careful when it comes to buying courses or following free content as most times these are contents that sound good, lure you in but aren’t the real secret sauce. Truth is that most people fail by following paid courses and free contents! This is the exact reason why we do not bet on free content or paid courses as success would never be guaranteed to clients. We want to ensure we did our very best to guide each and every of our partners and that is only possible by exposing the “secret sauce” which are the trading signals pros are following!


8. Trading is too complicated and nobody ever figured out how it’s working. That’s the stuff those people believe that will never even make a dime. Trading obviously works for millions of people and YES there are also even more people struggling because of it being complicated. However, you don’t need to put yourself into struggle when you can also just follow pro traders and apply their exact steps. It can be extremely easy! You only need someone successful to follow. That’s all you need.


9. This is for anyone who wants to succeed with trading. If you know nothing about stocks, crypto, or any form of trading then our pro traders can guide you with the right instructions and help you with your trades. Nobody is left alone and you always have a team behind your back. Trading can be hell but it’s crucial to understand that trading doesn’t need to be difficult. You need the right guidance and not just from anyone but from those that have already succeeded over and over again and would love to guide you while doing more successful trades.


10. If you want to earn money online but you don’t want to sell something online then get started with trading. Let money work for you and trade like the pros! Follow the instructions from pro traders and copy their strategies. Take advantage of their experiences and start earning money online while receiving guidance from our team.


11. The biggest losers in crypto trading WAIT… while the winners take IMMEDIATE action. Do you want to waste time or take action? The best time to get started is now and it doesn’t matter if Bitcoin or any other coin is up or down right now! Trading works now and always as in trading you can even bet that crypto stays down or will go down and if it does you earn money. Our pro traders share their crypto signals to allow you copying their steps.


12. Are you still doubting yourself and the fact that you can earn money online? Aren’t you done with these wrong beliefs? It’s time to work on your success instead of dreaming off it or sticking to excuses. Avoid doubts, excuses and the trap of constantly dreaming without taking action. Get started now, take action but do it with a team that understands you, pushes you forward and explains each and every step as simple as possible.


13. Ins’t it too expensive to get started with trading? We have members that have increased their capital by 500% within days and some do these numbers even in hours! Every day where you do not get started with trading is a loss! You could have earned thousands of dollars by now but you didn’t get started a few weeks ago. You have this chance to get started right now or you can waste time and waste potential earnings. In a few weeks you would look at your situation and you will regret that you haven’t gotten started. So, take action to get what you deserve. Don’t wait any longer!


14. Everyone wants to have more time for important things and that’s why you should let money work for you. Stop trading time and start trading money instead. You cannot afford wasting your whole life for work. You should earn automatically without putting in actual work. That is possible with trading. You can trade yourself to your desired income level and our pro traders will tell you what they are doing to earn their profits, so, you can just copy their strategies!


15. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you already earning yourself a fortune with trading or are you only dreaming off it? Truth is trading is for both introverts as well as extroverts. If you would like to trade and earn money with others then you have a huge community behind yourself that you can connect with. If you are an introvert then you can just get started without the community and let the team guide only whenever you need it or ask for it.


16. People saying they don’t have the money to invest are those that will never achieve their goals but here’s the simple solution. Get a loan, take your savings, ask friends and family or use your credit card and take action. Exit the 9-5 life and stop dreaming and start making your dream your reality. Nobody ever got successful without investing into themselves and their business. The quickest way to earn lots of money is trading as you can make big profits within hours. However you need the right guidance to take the right steps and that’s why our pro traders support all our partners.


17. Are you happy with your life? Maybe all is good but how can you be sure that all will be good in the future? What if you cannot pay unexpected expenses in future? You need to be prepared for any situation and that means you need money and ideally lots of it. That’s how you can support your loved ones and yourself. Start trading to live with financial freedom and time freedom.


18. Trading gets you to 6-figures easily? It can but it sounds too good to be true, right? It is possible and many trades turn out profitable but many people also lose money. That’s what other traders won’t tell you. They want you to believe it’s all only profit. Just like a gambler will only tell you about his wins instead of his losses. Don’t fall for it and know the full story! Only 3% of all traders turn out being successful and these 3% get all the profits as they know how to analyze the market. What if I tell you that you could have the exact signals pros are using? We can impossibly train everyone to become a pro trader and that would indeed be too good to be true! However, the pro traders of our team can show our partners what they are doing to hit one profitable trade after another.


19. Are you still thinking about getting started with trading? What’s your excuse for wasting time and potential earnings? You could have already earned your first money, made one losing trade and five successful ones. I am not promising you that you will be successful with all done trades but there is a high chance that trades turn out better with the help of our pro traders. They are hitting one successful trade after another and most trades turn out profitable. In total they are making huge 6 to 7-figure profits and they are sharing all their expertise and instructions with our partners.


20. We want you to succeed and let our partner network grow bigger and bigger. Our mission is to succeed together, advance together and support each other. We will guide you, explain all necessary steps which are simple to follow and tell you which trades our pro traders personally have analyzed and believe will turn out very profitable. Get started now and let’s do it together.